Best Bird Feeder For Window | 100% Acrylic DIY Never Fall | Build Birdhouse and Feeder For Outdoor Wild Birds | Watching From Kitchen Room| Kids Love (Removable Food Tray Large)

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​Reasons You’ll Love Our Bird Feeder

❤️ Large Bird Feeder Design (11.8 x 5 x 4 Inches)
❤️ Utility Adhesive Wall Hooks that Will NOT Fall Off Your Window
❤️ Mold-Free Drainage Holes
❤️ View Bird Life Right Outside Your Window
❤️ DIY Newest Durable, All-Weather Design
❤️ Mounts Safely to Any Window,Wall
❤️ Excellent Gift for Kids, Bird Watchers, Elderly, Pet Owners, & Nature Lovers
❤️ Holds 4 Cups of Bird Seed And 2 Utility Adhesive Wall Hooks
❤️ Includes Removable Tray for Easy Refills
❤️ Easy-To-Clean Design
❤️ 100% Clear Acrylic
❤️ Comfortable and Padded-Grip Perch for Birds to Rest
❤️ Includes a Top Bird House Cover to Protect Birds from Rain and Snow